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July 15th 2011 : Léo Bleu installed in Pets & Cute, with his article.

June 28th 2011 : Beast and Bird add in Créatures section, with his blog article.

June 15th 2011 : Coquelidragon add on Dragons section, and blog article.

May 27th 2011 : Ponysson add on Pets & Cute, and blog article.

May 25th 2011 : Two news posters - Theatre Festival of Douvres with the Orbénoë Troupe.

May 16th 2011 : Fan-art of Cheetara in Personnages section, with blog article.

May 06th 2011 : Association AVERS's Logo is online.

May 02nd 2011 : Add characters wallpapers in Wallpapers section.

April 15th 2011 : Draws - Update of "Equins" and "Animés" webpage.

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